After an evening with friends, you head home in total darkness. You’re talking and suddenly you hear evil laughter and then nothing! Quietly you wake up, a bag on your head and you realize that you are trapped in the trunk of a car and the owner is unknown to you. He tells you his tragic story and tells you that he will make you suffer the same fate out of revenge. The car stops, the driver says he’ll be back in an hour, it’s time to escape!

In this immersive escape room with an oppressive and scary atmosphere, you will have to explore the kidnapper’s house, find clues, solve puzzles and foil his plans. You’ll need to use your best judgment to escape the traps and obstacles that stand in your way, while remaining focused on your ultimate goal: freedom. You and your team will need all your problem-solving, deduction, and logic skills to successfully escape before he returns. 


PS: A 70’s outfit is recommended to allow for greater immersion. 

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