The Bunker

You were sitting comfortably on your couch when suddenly your friend Dr. Intrigus forcibly takes you to his bunker to protect you from an impending disaster that could cost you your life.

You are then immersed in a world of technology in the Victorian era. It’s not easy, because the artificial intelligence that controls the bunker needs your help to make the right decision: stay in the bunker or escape.

Please note, you only have one hour to make a final decision.

You will have to work as a team to discover the hidden secrets of the bunker. AI will be your ally and help you overcome challenges while guiding you towards the final decision. The Steampunk atmosphere of the room will transport you to a world of steam engines and retro-futuristic technology, while the exciting puzzles will keep you on the edge. 


PS: A Steampunk outfit is recommended to make the experience even more immersive! 

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